Thank you for your interest in donating to the GiveOils Foundation in the form of doTERRA Oil and Oil based Products!   We have several ways to transfer the product to GiveOils Foundation.

1. Drop Ship direct from doTERRA

To make arrangements to drop ship the donations to us, please place your order with doTERRA and ship the oils to our address below.  UPS is available for this address, it is not a PO box.  You will need to complete a separate physical donation form and email it to us since you won't be able to put it in the box coming from doTERRA.  Email the GiveOils team at for more information about sending donations.  

2. Ship from your local UPS/FedEx/USPS Location

To ship oils direct to us at the address below.  Be sure to fill out the oil donation form,.   Please include the form in the box, and email the form to  Once your donation is received and checked in you will receive a tax donation receipt for the entire donation.  If you require separate tax receipt for individual donations, you will need to fill out separate forms with the name/address/phone and email address of the donor.

3. Drop Off Oils to a Give Oils Volunteer

To make arrangements to drop oils off with one of our volunteers, email the GiveOils team at and we will let you know how best to connect with one of our volunteers.  This option is only available in a few locations (if a volunteer is not available in your area, you will need to use a shipping option)

Shipping Address:  GiveOils Foundation 1255 N. Hamilton Rd. #134 Gahanna, OH 43230

Notes on Packaging:  Please re-package all oils for transport in the same manner as doTERRA packages them for shipment to you from their warehouse.  Oils that break in transit will be excluded from the tax receipt.

Donation Form:  coming soon (email in the interim.  Be sure to write in your campaign, forms with no campaign will be considered General Donations.